In yet another attempt to combat fraud, the leading Dutch classified site, EBay-owned has introduced a rating system that evaluates each buyer and seller, reported.

From now on, upon completing a deal, both buyer and seller have a chance to evaluate if it was successful or not and assign a score to their counterpart. Up until now, users had to rely on the age of someone’s Marktplaats account to judge how trustworthy he or she might be. In fact, many users wondered why it took so long to add this rating system.

In introducing this measure, Marktplaats follows its owner company EBay that’s had a rating system in place for quite some time already. EBay bought the Dutch marketplace in 2004.

Marktplaats has a long history of attempting to combat fraud, yet the reports of such incidents still appear in the Dutch media almost every week. One of its key steps for dealing with the sale of stolen goods, non-arrival of goods after payment and other types of fraud, is the introduction of IDeal payments service. IDeal is one most popular payment services in the Netherlands and checks the identities of both users (we reported here).

One Marktplaats scammer even got a 32-month prison sentence (we reported here).

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