Sri Lankan property vertical — backed by Frontier Digital Ventures — has introduced a number of advisory services to lend support in the entire property buying, selling and renting process, according to PropertyPortalWatch.

The new buyer and seller assistance services will help buyers get their property valued by certified valuers. The site’s team of legal experts will also help with drafting safe and secure documents — including deeds and tenancy agreements — and provide consultancy to foreigners interested in buying or leasing a property.

Users can get professional assistance for stamp duty and municipality payments from the site’s advisers. Obviously, all these services are not free, but users need to contact the support team for more on the fee structure.

Established in 2007, LankaPropertyWeb currently has 300 real estate agent clients and lists more than 20,000 property ads. Horizontal, which hosts almost the same amount of property listings, is its only local competitor.

LankaPropertyWeb saw a total of 180,000 visitors in May, according to SimilarWeb. This is far below Ikman’s 2.4 million, but then the horizontal’s traffic is measured across verticals.

Managing director Daham Gunaratna (LinkedIn profile) recently told the AIM Group that the site saw a 22 percent growth in traffic last year.

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