Clarivoy Inc. announced Monday that has integrated its software to help auto dealers determine what kind of marketing influenced a sale.

Columbus, Ohio-based Clarivoy is a pioneer in automotive marketing attribution software that makes sure credit is given to each marketing source that plays into a vehicle purchase; no matter where that contact is made in the process of a purchase. is a site for researching, buying and selling new and used cars. It boasts 6 million vehicles listed nationally from more than 20,000 dealers and thousands of private sellers. By using the Clarivoy software, dealers can track performance and document the number of purchases in which the site played a role, without having to rely on salespeople to figure out where buyers came from.

Clarivoy’s attribution technology gives dealers, vendors, and marketing agencies a window into the total numbers of cars that each marketing source has influenced monthly — serving as an independent voice for their contribution to total sales.

Armed with this information, dealers and marketers can make better decisions about which marketing activities lead to sales and adjust as needed to improve results.

Founded in 2009, Clarivoy was named the winner of the 2016 DrivingSales Innovation Cup Award for the Most Innovative Dealership Solution of 2016

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