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GatedTalent.com is an executive job board launched by London-based recruitment software giant Dillistone Group Plc in October 2017. The private portal has over 200 executive recruiters as clients and profiles from executives in 90 countries. Image result for gated talent logo

According to its website, the board was established in response to the need for a “secure and sophisticated tool to allow individual executives to share information privately with executive recruiters.” In other words, if you are a CEO or CTO looking for a sweeter deal, but do not want to splash the news around your social network, this is where you go.

The platform is integrated with Dillistone’s FileFinder Anywhere, a cloud-based Executive Search customer relationship management (CRM) tool, used by more than 1,600 firms worldwide. Only FileFinder Anywhere clients have access to GatedTalent, though the company said it is working to enable wider access.

In a trading update posted to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AIM market, on which Dillistone is listed, the company reported that GatedTalent earned its first revenues in the first half of 2018. It noted, however, that it anticipates making a loss on the product this year due to “lower than anticipated initial number of profiles and subsequent delay in profile monetization.”

Nevertheless, the company is bullish on its new product. Dillistone Group CEO Jason Starr (LinkedIn profile) told OnRec: “One of our clients described it as ‘A private LinkedIn,’ and I think that’s a great description.”