Schibsted is once again shaking things up. The company announced Monday that it’s reorganizing its publishing and marketplace divisions.

Marketplaces will be divided by new geographic rules.  Norway and Sweden are in one group; Spain and Brasilien in another; while France stands alone. The rest of the sites are now grouped together with joint ventures.

Schibsted Marketplaces CEO Sondre Gravir (LinkedIn profile) has changed up his team. Blocket‘s CEO Jan Prokopec (LinkedIn profile) will now report to Finn CEO Anders Skoe (LinkedIn profile); who’ll represent both companies and their countries of operation in the marketplaces management team.

Gianpaolo Santorsola (LinkedIn profile), used to be executive VP for Schibsted’s mature markets, will now be responsible for Spain. He’ll also look after the company’s interest in Ovidiu Solomonov (LinkedIn profile), the company’s former senior VP for growth markets, will take on the leadership of Italy, Austria, Ireland, Hungary, and Colombia.

Just last week, one Schibsted manager in a middle position told us that life went on almost as usual at Schibsted, but it seemed like the top managers were playing “Musical chairs”.

“I am confident our new setup will make us stronger. We’re seeing great progress so far in our new Marketplaces division. As an agile organization we will evolve continuously so that we’re always ready to grab the next opportunity,” Gravir said in the news release.


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