Japan-based flea market app Mercari has recorded a staggering 280 million transactions on its platform since its inception in July 2013.  Its global downloads exceeded the 108 million mark in April.

In a news statement marking the company’s fifth anniversary, Mercari said it currently records around 6,400 transactions per hour. Average daily distribution value has surpassed one billion yen ($9 million U.S.) — compared to 20,000 yen ($181 U.S.) on the first day of the app’s launch.

The marketplace sees trading of products with a value of as little as 300 yen ($3 U.S.). Yet, it has also logged the sale of 3.2 million yen ($28,500 U.S.) worth of diamond. It’s even listed Hermes bags, Rolex watches, and Mercedes Benz cars.

Women’s products are generally the most popular category on the site, accounting for 26.2 percent of all the transactions. This is followed by entertainment (18 percent) and men’s products (16.9 percent).

Mercari’s main market is in Japan, but its app has been downloaded 37 million times in the U.S., where its c-to-c business is flourishing. Its third biggest market is the U.K..

The marketplace’s main rivals in Japan are JiMoty and Rakuma.

Mercari Inc. has a rich portfolio of services; including a marketplace for books, CDs and DVDs called MercariKauru; a marketplace with a price appraisal feature, known as MercariMaisonz; app-development subsidiary Souzoh.com; on-demand share cycle service Merchari; online payment-provider MerPay and a skill-sharing service Teacha.me.

Mercari raised 130.5 billion yen ($1.2 billion U.S.) in its debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange last month. The funds will be used for further expansion, starting with the German and French markets (we reported on it here).

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