In Japan, Rakuten Lifull Stay Inc. has formed a business alliance with fintech company  Samurai & J Partners Corporation to finance or crowdfund the development of rental properties.

According to a news statement, the partnership aims to develop private housing units owned by individuals or realtors registered with Rakuten Stay — a housing management system.

Both the companies will use financing support, including the crowdfunding platform Samurai-Crowd, to promote the use of vacant houses or idle assets. Samurai-Crowd allows investors to invest as little as 10,000 yen ($90.4 U.S.).

Established in Mar. last year, startup Rakuten Lifull Stay Inc. is co-owned by Rakuten Inc. (51 percent) and Lifull Co. Ltd. (49 percent). The company started listing its holiday accommodation on vacation rental marketplace VacationStay and  MonthlyHomes recently; after a new law that allows landlords to privately rent their properties as short-term accommodations came into effect in June (we reported on it here).

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