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Tokyo-based MyNavi Corp., a company with several Japanese job sites, has appointed a new editor-in-chief to improve its job-matching service for fresh graduates and introduce career support programs.

MyNavi Editor-in-Chief Takahashi Makoto

The company announced the appointment on Monday.

New editor-in-chief Takahashi Makoto holds more than a decade of experience in conducting job-hunting lectures at universities, junior colleges, and vocational schools. Makoto wants to explore companies that look for fresh grads across the country, as he believes that students are not adequately being exposed to emerging job opportunities.

MyNavi operates a would-be graduate site at Job.MyNavi.jp/2019 and Job.MyNavi.jp/2020. The company also runs career-switch site Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp, a site for part-timers at Baito.MyNavi.jp, a temporary dispatch service at Staff.MyNavi.jp, Pharma.MyNavi.jp for pharmacists, Kango.MyNavi.jp for nursing staff and a manufacturing job site at MyNavi-Seizo.jp.

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