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Rakuten Min-Shu, an employment simple notification service owned and operated by Japanese Internet behemoth Rakuten Inc., has rolled out a new job-matching service called Min-Shu Career Agent to help fresh grads find jobs.

Students and new graduates can register on the recruitment service page to get free advice from human resource experts, who will connect them to befitting opportunities.

“Plans are also underway to make it possible for students to reserve a consultation with an adviser via the LINE messaging app,” Rakuten said in a news statement. “For companies, this service enables them to focus on approaching students who meet their hiring criteria and, as a fee is incurred only at the point where the student agrees to a job offer, it can also serve to improve the efficiency of the recruitment process.”

Rakuten has been operating Min-Shu since 1996. The site has information on 29,000 companies. It encourages students who’ve found jobs to share their working experience with fellow job-seekers. Rakuten owns a career change site for the IT industry at Career.Rakuten.co.jp and a comprehensive job search engine at Jobs.Rakuten.co.jp.

Recruit Holdings also runs a career change agent service R-Agent. The staffing giant has a number of other job sites much like MyNavi Corp., En-Japan Inc., Adecco.co.jp and DaiJob Global Recruiting Co., Ltd.