Gerardo Cabañas has been appointed as the director general of leading Spanish auto portal He takes over from founder Iñaki Arrola who launched the site (then in 2003.

Image result for logo Cabañas (LinkedIn profile) is a senior figure in Spanish auto classifieds. He was managing director of for almost 19 years and served a brief stint as vice-president of Ganvam, the association of Spanish auto dealers.

Arrola (LinkedIn profile) and Cabañas discussed’s market position and strategy in an interview with El Pais newspaper. Arrola said the site is focused on moving into rentals, financing and insurance, and becoming more competitive in second-hand sales.

Comscore ranks as the market leader in traffic and sales volume for new cars, and second (behind Schibsted‘s in second-hand sales.

Arrola said that the company’s business model is “not transactional, at least not yet.” He noted that the site’s push for price transparency had cost it some dealer clients, but argued that being a user-focused platform ultimately pays off in terms of delivering more customers for the dealers.

Gerardo Cabañas has a two-part business model. New car dealers pay a fixed fee based on location and lead-generation, plus a variable fee based on the value of the vehicle. Revenue from second-hand dealers comes from freemium services: they can post ads for free but pay for promoted listings.

Arrola declined to discuss revenue specifics but said the portal sells 1,000 new cars a month, which equates to gross sales of around 20 million ($23.3 million U.S.) per month.

Financing will be a major focus going forward. “Banks are moving many services to the internet,” Cabañas noted. “It is a perfect alliance, and we can also offer insurance, guarantees and other services for purchasing cars.”

El Pais concluded the interview with a breakdown of the company ownership. Arrola controls 42 percent and Cabañas six percent. Other investors include Marek Fodor with four percent, and Ticketbis founders Ander Michelena (LinkedIn profile) and Jon Uriarte (LinkedIn profile) with 14 percent.


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