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Tokyo-based investment property site PropertyAccess has bagged 10 million yen ($89,000 U.S.) in investment from PropertyAgent

Announced on Tuesday, the investment will see PropertyAgent benefit from PropertyAccess’ real estate market knowledge in more than 10 Southeast Asian countries. The site also raised an undisclosed amount from proptech firm Tateru, Sankei reported.

The investment property portal was launched in March. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning technology from Japan and Singapore, to make the process of buying and selling property smoother. It has offices in Japan, Singapore, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Unlike RakuMachi.jp, Rare-One.jp, ReThink Tokyo and JikaPro — that showcase income-producing properties in Japan for overseas and local investors — PropertyAccess features investment properties from the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and England, for Japanese investors.

Tokyo-headquartered PropertyAgent also runs a real estate trading site FujiTaro.