Japanese staffing firm Adecco.co.jp is about to recruit a new batch of fresh graduates and students for its in-house skill-development and capacity building training.

Adecco will select jobs-seekers to work in its administrative, secretariat, call centre or hospitality departments, on six-month contracts. They will be paid up to 200,000 yen ($1,800 U.S.) a month, in addition to overtime and other allowances. After completing their six months, the interns could continue their jobs or opt for a career switch.

According to a news statement, around 270 individuals have benefited from the company’s career development and support program since2014.

Established in 1985, the Tokyo-headquartered firm is a Japanese subsidiary of human resource company Adecco Group. It has 3,000 employees. The corporation operates a temporary tech jobs site at TBrain.Adecco.co.jp. It also runs a general temporary jobs site Haken.Adecco.co.jp, a regular jobs site SpringJapan.com, and a jobs site for fresh graduates at Campus.SpringJapan.com.

Apart from its job matching service, Adecco is also heavily invested in career improvement initiatives. It offers IT training to help inexperienced candidates find jobs. The company recently launched a temporary jobs site designed to encourage more women to explore IT-specific positions (we reported on the launch here).

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