Japanese flea market app Mercari has listed one billion items since the launch of its service in Japan back in July 2013, it said on Thursday

This number is from Japan alone and covers the period from July 2, 2013, to July 13, 2018. The app’s downloads in Japan have crossed the 71 million mark. Mercari also operates in the U.S. and U.K..

We reported on the marketplace KPIs earlier this month, but Mercari Inc. didn’t mention its listings achievement at that time.

The company said it will be focusing on upgrades to artificial intelligence and other technologies, “for a more convenient, safe and secure marketplace”. The app is already using an AI listing function that automatically selects brand names and categories after a seller uploads a photo of an item with their smartphone.

The marketplace’s main rivals in Japan are JiMoty and Rakuma.

Mercari Inc. also operates a marketplace for books, CDs and DVDs called MercariKauru; a marketplace with a price appraisal feature, known as MercariMaisonz; app-development subsidiary Souzoh.com; on-demand share cycle service Merchari and a skill-sharing service Teacha.me. It recently set up a new company called MerPayConnect to innovate new payment settlement methods and financial services (we reported on the launch here).

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