Japanese Lifull Co. Ltd. (TSE: 2120) has recorded a net profit of 2.233 billion yen ($20.11 million U.S.) for the nine-month period ended Jun. 30. Total revenue amounted to 26.015 billion yen ($234.18 million U.S.).

The company owns real estate major Lifull Home’s (at Homes.co.jp), aggregator Trovit, and digital classifieds group Mitula. The group didn’t disclose numbers from the comparable period, due to a change in its fiscal year.

“Lifull has changed its fiscal year-end from March 31 to September 30, starting from the fiscal year ended September 30, 2017,” the company’s said in a statement. The company has not generated the financial statements for the nine-month period of the previous fiscal year and therefore, cant present year-on-year changes.

The company’s operating income was recorded at 3.635 billion yen ($32.73 million U.S.) for the Oct.-Jun. period, while EBITDA amounted to 4.439 billion yen ($39.97 million U.S.).

It is expecting annual revenue of 34 billion yen ($306.18 million U.S.) and EBITDA of 5.190 billion yen ($46.74 million U.S.). It doesn’t break down individual financial results for its subsidiaries.

Tokyo-headquartered Lifull has a presence in 57 countries.

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