It’s been available on Apple iMessage since the release of iOS 8 in 2014 — and Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have had the functionality for what feels like aeons already — but LinkedIn will finally roll out voice messaging to its mobile app and desktop site in the coming weeks.

LinkedIn voice messaging

LinkedIn voice messaging

In a blog post, the professional networking site users will be able to leave voice messages up to one minute long for their connections using LinkedIn Messaging.

“People speak four times faster than they type, making voice messaging great for explaining longer or more complex ideas, without the time and involvement of typing and editing a message,” senior product manager Zack Hendlin (LinkedIn profile) wrote.

The feature is available to members messaging their connections, as well as recruiters reaching out to potential talent. It’s billed as a way to help recruiters and members message more efficiently while showcasing their personality.

“Speaking in your own voice allows you to build a more personal connection and effectively communicate — it’s easier for your tone and personality to come through, which can sometimes get lost in written communications.”

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