Veteran staffing firm Persol Career Co. Ltd., which operates multiple recruitment verticals, has announced the launch of a new referral recruiting business MyRefer Inc..

In a news statement, Persol Career said MyRefer was the result of an in-house entrepreneurial contest. The business was incorporated to accelerate its growth and is linked to the jobs marketplace

The marketplace has gain 360 recruitment clients since its launch in May. It promotes referral recruitment by leveraging technologies for data screening. is aimed at fresh grads, mid-career and temporary jobs.

MyRefer offers employers a smartphone app and an applicant tracking system along with candidate introductions via a simple notification service. The company said its referral adoption activation service cuts recruiting cost by 80 percent.

Operating since the 1950s, Tokyo-headquartered Persol Career Co. Ltd. has a portfolio of job sites as enormous as those of its competitors: Recruit HoldingsEn-Japan Inc., and MyNavi Corp..

The company operates 11 recruitment sites including part-time jobs sites and, a career-change information portal, and a job site for people with disabilities at Then, there’s a recruitment support service at, a job site for c-suites at, a bilingual job site at, a job site dedicated to the fashion industry at, and job-hunting services for students at and and tech jobs site at TechPlay Career.

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