NaspersOLX Poland saw revenue of PLN487.8 million or $128.9 million FY2017 (ended in March 2018) — up from PLN304.1 million ($80.4 million U.S.) for the same period last year, news site reported.

The most important revenue source for OLX Poland in FY2017 was listing ads. This includes pay-per-listing ads (PLN 181,6 or $48 million U.S.) and its subscription model (PLN76.8 million or $20.3 million U.S.). The site also made money by promoting ads from business clients (44.4 million PLN or $11.8 million U.S.) and individuals (92.4 million PLN or $24.5 million U.S.).

Other important revenue sources for OLX Poland were advertising, including from the Google Adsense system (32.5 million PLN or $8.6 million U.S.), banner ads (23.7 million PLN or $6.3 million U.S.), and software development for entities related to OLX Poland (13.7 million PLN or $3.6 million U.S.).

WirtualneMedia reported that the company’s net profit was PLN138,9 million ($36.7 million U.S.) during the period — up from PLN68,56 million in FY2016.

OLX Group’s Polish portfolio includes the general classified site, auto site, real estate site, services site and heavy vehicles and machinery site Collectively, they are visited by 16.2 million users who generate 3.6 billion page views a month (according to PBI/Gemius Megapanel; 07/2018).

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