RakuMachi.jp, a leading search engine for income-producing properties in Japan, has introduced a new communication platform to help registered users exchange messages and files.

Announced on Monday, the messaging tool is available to both desktop and mobile users.

According to RakuMachi, it saves users time. Instead of opening mail software or messaging applications, they can make use of the site’s real-time chat platform.

Messages are marked as “read” when they’ve been opened and users can use the platform to exchange images and documents.

Real estate firm First Logic Inc. (TSE: 6037) launched RakuMachi to meet the special needs of investors looking for profitable land and apartments in 2006. The site currently has around 76,000 listings; of them, 3,700 are only accessible to members. Membership is free.

The site saw 1.5 million visitors on its desktop and mobile sites in July, according to SimilarWebReThink Tokyo, JikaPro, and PropertyAccess also exclusively deal in income-generating properties, but their traffic stats were not available. They are all just one year old.

Realty market leaders Suumo.jp and Lifull Homes list the special category as well.

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