, a Japanese job-matching site focused on the entertainment industry, has become a digital manager for freelance models and influencers who want to prevent contract default and trouble with outstanding payments.

Under the new cast protection initiatives launched on Tuesday, CloudCasting provides job-seekers with an option to allow the platform to deal with a company on their behalf. The service guarantees certainty of remuneration, which will be payable by CloudCasting, and saves them the hassle of generating invoices.

The site does not charge a service registration fee.

Operated by Tokyo-based Internet media business Bijin & Co., CloudCasting lets clients search for talent, make direct castings, exchange messages and data with cast members and reduce payment processing. It is a simple notification service for talent to manage offers and profiles. More than 8,000 offers are established via the platform annually.

Bijin & Co. also operates a matching service connecting female muses with advertisers at

Other career support services dedicated to key opinion leaders, influencers and models include, Bitstar.Tokyo and mobile-only Affiliencer.

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