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Japanese recruitment firm Interworks Inc., which runs multiple jobs-matching sites, has partnered with prompt salary payment service PayMe.Tokyo to meet the immediate cash needs of casual workers. 

Under the business alliance reached last week, registered Interworks users will benefit from PayMe’s payment services.

The fintech company launched its salary payment service in July. It allows employees who are paid daily to withdraw 70 percent of their earnings, from a smartphone, to meet their urgent spending needs.

Established in 1991, Tokyo-headquartered Interworks Inc. owns and operates a temporary factory work site that posts jobs from around 30,000 manufacturing companies and factories across the country at 04510.jp. It also has regular jobs site the manufacturing industry at Makers-Pride.jp, a general temp jobs site at Haken.Or.jp, a part-time jobs site at PokeJob.com and a career-change site at Jp.Shigoto-Matome.

Japan has an abundance of job sites, Staffing firms Recruit Holdings, DIP Corp., Persol Holdings, MyNavi Corp. and CareerIndex.jp operate a myriad of job boards and career-change sites for temp and regular job-seekers from all walks of life.