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United Classifieds, a company managing classifieds sites for Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, saw revenues of €3.1 million ($3.6 million U.S.) and a net loss of €687,809 ($805,273 U.S.) in FY2017, news site MediaGuru.cz reported.

Ringier Axel Springier’s Slovakia-based classifieds subsidiaries — including TopReality.sk, Narks.sk, Autovia Žilina, RealSoft, AutoVia, Autobazar.eu portál, and Autobazar.eu — earned €6.3 million ($7.4 million U.S.) and saw a loss of €1.2 million ($1.4 million U.S.).

United Classified is planning to integrate all its classifieds sites into one platform and add new services in the coming months, Ringier Axel Springier Slovakia CEO Milan Dubec (LinkedIn profile) told MediaGruru.

The United Classifieds portfolio includes free ads horizontal Bazar.sk, and several real estate verticals; including the leading apartment rental and sales site Byty.sk; new-buildings and development-projects site Novostavby.sk; a mobile-optimized, niche real estate search vertical called Nehnuteľnosti.sk; and holiday rental site Chaty.sk.

Auto verticals in the United Classifieds portfolio include Autobazar.sk, Slovakia’s oldest used-auto site Autovia.sk, and the new-vehicles niche site Novoautea.sk.

The company acquired auto vertical Autobazar.eu along with real estate site TopReality.sk in November 2017.

Ringier Axel Springer Media was formed as a partnership between Swiss Ringier AG and Germany’s Axel Springer SE in 2010. The company operates in the growing Eastern European markets of Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and is the leading integrated multimedia corporation in Central and Eastern Europe.

It employs about 3,100 people at its head office in Zurich, Switzerland.