Korean part-time jobs site Albamon, which is owned and operated by seasoned recruitment firm Job Korea Corp., has introduced a new app feature to protect job-seekers from scams. 

Job-seekers can now choose to receive caution alerts for questionable listings. The purpose is obviously to secure the part-time jobs hunting process.

Seoul-based Job Korea Corp. launched Albamon in April 2004. The group has been providing offline and online recruitment services since 1998. It also operates a comprehensive job marketplace at JobKorea.co.kr, a gaming-industry-specific job site at GameJob.co.kr and a career bulletin at Campusmon.JobKorea.co.kr.

Albamon has iOS and Android apps. Its Android app has been downloaded more than five million times (source: Google Play).

Other main recruitment sites include Incruit.com, Wanted.co.kr, and KreditJob.com. Korean fashion industry veteran Kim Sung-young recently launched a new bilingual jobs-matching site called JobCallMe with unique remote collaboration and video chat features.

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