, a French peer-to-peer portal for renting and sharing motorhomes and campervans, has just launched a classifieds site for used recreational vehicles at Yescapa Occasions.

Founder and CEO Benoit Panel (LinkedIn profiletold French media that a large number of the site’s RV renters dream of owning their own one. He added that 70 percent of transactions in this market — for both rentals and purchases — are between individuals.

Yescapa Occasions verifies all listings posted on the site. It also offers additional services like a one-year warranty, secure transactions, administrative support including vehicle registration, insurance, and financing options. It currently offers 1,000 listings.

Yescapa is based in Bordeaux and was launched in 2012. It has raised €3.6 million in two funding rounds to date. The site had 150,000 total visits in September, according to SimilarWeb.

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