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Allegro.pl, the largest marketplace for new and used goods in Poland, has partnered with mBank and BGZ BNP Paribas to offer bank loans to its users.

Under the agreement with BGZ BNP Paribas, Allegro will offer the bank’s credit line for purchases on the marketplace. Allegro users can apply on the platform and will get a decision within a few minutes. The process of issuing a credit decision is based on information collected by Allegro and does not need to be repeated for subsequent purchases.

The new option is currently only available in the Sport and Tourism category, but it will be extended to other categories soon.

Allegro has also introduced two financial options for its business users in cooperation with mBank: cash loans and an overdraft. They can see these credit offers after logging into the My Sale section. mBank calculates the user’s financing potential, based on its current turnover on Allegro, and processes loan applications online, within minutes. Business users can borrow up to PLN100,000 ($26,601 U.S.).

Allegro is the largest e-commerce site in Poland. It received 208.9 million visits to its desktop and mobile websites in September, according to SimilarWeb.