Japanese property developer ReBita Inc. has agreed to promote SMBC Trust Bank‘s housing loans through a new online tool. ReBita operates a property vertical at ReBita.co.jp/New.

Under the agreement, customers can apply for mortgage financing of up to 500 million yen ($4.5 million U.S.) from SMBC Trust Bank. The two aim to enable customers to buy high-end housing condominiums.

Founded in 2005, Tokyo-headquartered ReBita also renovates private homes and commercial facilities. Its team of experts assesses a property’s value for sellers and gives them a replacement option. The company has more than 12,000 members who are interested in renovation and buying second-hand houses. It has renovated more than 70 buildings and 2,500 condominiums and detached houses, so far.

The company’s entry into mortgage financing is likely to help it compete with local majors like Suumo.jpHomes.co.jp, Athome.co.jp, and Nomu.com that are famous for their one-stop-shop business philosophy.

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