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Japanese, tech-focused staffing firm En-Japan Inc. has introduced free recruitment support and management services for employers.

The tool is available upon registration at Hire-Hub.io and provides a central hub to manage job applications coming from different channels like agents, recruitment media and corporate sites. It also supports screening management, interview scheduling and adjustment, and message exchanges.

En-Japan also offers a free career page creation system at En-Gage.net. Employers can use a variety of templates to create a corporate career page themselves. The page is automatically optimized for smartphones. It works as a simple notification service to directly communicate with job applicants and can also be linked with Facebook.

Tokyo-headquartered En-Japan runs three sites dedicated to females. It has a centralized recruitment hub WomanMart.jp, a career management site designed for women professionals interested in pursuing permanent opportunities (at Women.En-Japan.com) and a career-switch service for women (at Employment.En-Japan.com/woman). The company also operates a jobs site En-Ambi.com for young adults only, a career-change support service En-Tenshoku (at Employment.En-Japan.com), a job site for mid-career professionals in their 30s and 40s (at Mid-Tenshoku.com), a temporary recruitment information site (at Haken.En-Japan.com), a career site for part-timers (at Hb.En-Japan.com) and an IT industry-specific site CareerHack.En-Japan.com. The group has been offering recruitment services since 1995. The company also owns Vietnamese staffing firm Navigos Group that operates jobs sites VietnamWorks.com and Primus.vn.

This hiring management tool is a unique product that may give En-Japan an edge over competitors Recruit Holdings, Interworks Inc., and Career Index. Staffing firm Persol Career Co. Ltd. provides third-party recruitment support and management services RecLog and JobSuite to help clients improve hiring efficiency.

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