( used to be the only real estate vertical dedicated to new developments in Turkey. Now, four years later, there are 9. Traditional classifieds sites like horizontal and verticals and also list these lucrative projects. 

Real estate development has been a big contributor to the Turkish economy over the last few years, but sales have generally been driven by conventional marketing activities. These include television commercials, newspaper advertisements and sales offices.’s success seems to have paved the way for other sites to follow. The website offers developers advertising, sales, and a website, within the framework of a marketplace. According to the company’s own data, it saw more than 1 million monthly visitors between 2015 and 2016. 

That said,, which is one of Turkey’s leading real estate verticals, has been offering new development listings since its launch in 2015. It became the No.1 site for new development listings in March 2017. moved into this space in May when it launched Hurriyet Projeland in collaboration with real estate technology company HomstersUsers can use the site to find technical details, construction visuals, 360-degree images of the projects, 3D visuals and promotional material related to developments they’re interested in. 

The local recession has also helped create a space for these development-focused websites. As sales decrease, developers have been forced to find new sales channels. Turkey has been experiencing a recession for the last two years and the real estate market has been the hardest hit.

Traditional classifieds sites in Turkey who currently offer new development listings include,,,, and MilliyetEmlak.comSites dedicated to new development sales include, and



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