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Bangladesh’s No. 1 horizontal Bikroy.com has improved its search algorithms to speed up the search process and allow for multilingual browsing. 

The new system is more advanced. It automatically recognizes whether an input keyword is a brand, category or model. So, even if a user now types “Gari” or “গাড়ি” in Banglish — Bangla interspersed with English — instead of a car, the crawler will come up with the desirable listings. The same goes for other categories like electronics, mobile phones, and jobs.

Bikroy is owned by Sweden-based Saltside Technologies AB. Its sister site, Sri Lankan horizontal Ikman.lk, announced similar changes earlier this month.

After the closure of its main rival Ekhanei.com in May last year (we reported on it here), Bikroy was left with one general classifieds competitor: ClickBd.com. The site’s property vertical competes with BProperty and PBazaar. It also competes with BdJobs.com in recruitment.