Recruitment giant has taken another step on its steady march away from aggregation with the announcement that ads from “recruitment-based companies” will not appear in organic search results as of January 7, 2019. Currently, this affects the United States and Canada.Image result for indeed logo

The news emerged in an Indeed blog post that waltzed around the salient point with the grace of an angel on the head of an extra-large pin. The gist of it is: third-party recruiters must now pay to appear in search. On Indeed’s terms.

In the blog post written by director of search quality Matthew Lewis (LinkedIn profile):  “Jobs sent to Indeed sites in the U.S. and Canada from recruitment-based companies will no longer be eligible for inclusion in organic search results. They will, however, continue to be eligible for promotion as sponsored jobs.”

Indeed spelled out whose ads will disappear in a linked policy page:

Scope: Companies and accounts affected by this policy may include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruiting Firms, Placement Firms, or Headhunters who search for, recruit, and place job seekers into roles at other companies, or
  • Staffing Agencies or Outsourcing Solutions (or business models similar to this), who employ job seekers directly to perform tasks, duties, and/or work that the company has been contracted to fulfill by its clients.

Please note that companies or accounts may be categorized as a recruitment-based company at the sole discretion of Indeed and may be subject to this policy if so. Indeed further reserves the right to require sponsorship of jobs for any reason.”

This bold move is designed to “improve the job-seeker’s experience”

“Our search quality team has identified a number of persistent problems with jobs from recruitment-based companies,” Lewis wrote. “Including high rates of duplication, reposting, location blasting and inaccurate job descriptions.”

Presumably working with advertisers to improve the quality of ads, or imposing stricter protocols to reduce reposting and “location blasting” would be too time-consuming. Pay-to-play cuts the Gordian knot and offers attractive revenue potential.

Recruiters and staffing companies will be reassured to know that Indeed’s Client Success team is standing by to “help those impacted to make a strategic and effective decision on how to best use Indeed in 2019.”

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