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In Malaysia, TribeHired, which calls itself Southeast Asia’s first IT recruitment vertical, has raised $437,000 U.S. in funding from AngelCentral.

The IT talent marketplace is already profitable and growing fast. It distinguishes itself from other verticals by encouraging employers to compete for talent. This puts the recruitment ball in companies’ courts instead of expecting job-seekers to do all the hunting work.

TribeHired tracks and measures the offers, interviews and hires it facilitates instead of focusing on listing numbers. It uses job placements as a key performance indicator. At the moment, it facilitates an average of two placements a day. The site is expected to grow as a self-running, product-based business model.

The company is also helping experienced tech developers find freelance work in the region. The fresh funding will be used to scale its freelance marketplace. It helps that its new investor AngelCentral is run by JobCentral founders Lim Der Shing (Linkedin profile) and Huang Shao-Ning (Linkedin profile).

TribeHired acquired Hubba in July 2016. The business community started as a co-working space but now also helps entrepreneurs and start-ups reach their goals.


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