Temporary job site HatarActive.jp, which is owned by Leverages Inc., has started doing business from its new branch office in Yokohama, a Japanese city south of Tokyo, bringing its total number of offices to seven. 

The company’s other sales support offices are located in Shibuya, Tachikawa, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Funabashi, and Osaka. It plans to further expand its footprint in the near future.

The job site has supported more than 120,000 temporary appointments since it was established in 2012. HatarActive.jp mainly caters to “freeters” — a Japanese nomenclature for people who choose not to work a full-time job.

Part-time job sites are popular in Japan. Nojima.co.jp, Baitoru.comBaito.MyNavi.jpFroma.comHatalike.jpWebAn.jpBaitalk.jpJukunavi.comHanbai.inWorkgate.co.jpFoodsWho.co.jpSftWorks.jp and E-Aidem.com are major ones.

Founded in 2005, Tokyo-headquartered Leverages has several other job sites including a freelance jobs site for IT and web engineers Freelance.Levtech.jp, a career-change support service for engineers Career.Levtech.jp, a job-matching site for web designers Creator.Levtech.jp, a job-hunting site for students studying IT Career.Levtech.jp/Rookie, and a fashion industry-focused job site Fassione.com. It also set up a company called Leverages Medical Care dedicated to information around nursing jobs. The group has more than 20 offices in Japan and abroad, including offices in Singapore and Mexico.

The company recently started another jobs site for graduates at CareerTicket.jp.

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