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Japanese business partner-matching site Eiicon.net, a subsidiary of Persol Career Inc., has seen a significant 3,000 times surge in interactions between companies since its launch in Feb. 2017. 

This is according to a press statement detailing the company’s most recent KPIs. Eiicon said more than 4,000 companies have registered to use the site while its paid users rose to more than 200 firms.

The open innovation platform is being used by more than 100,000 users a month. It lets businesses search for affiliated partners across the country, for free. The site facilitates partnerships in a myriad of fields, including food technology, healthcare, fintech, land utilization, regional creation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation.

Persol Career is owned by staffing firm Persol Holdings Limited (TSE: 2181). It also operates part-time jobs sites WebAn.jp and Baito.Line.me, a career-change information portal Doda.jp, a job site for people with disabilities at Doda.jp/Challenge, and a recruitment support service at Doda.jp/Consultant. There’s a job site for c-suites at Persol-Career.co.jp/Biz/Executive, a bilingual job site at Brs-P.jp, a job site dedicated to the fashion industry at Crede.co.jp, job-hunting services for students at Campus.Doda.jp and Doda-Student.jp, an IT jobs site at TechPlay Career, a mobile-first job vertical MiiDas.jp, and referral adoption services at I-MyRefer.jp.

Persol Career’s main competitors include Recruit HoldingsInterworks Inc.MyNavi Corp.DIP Corp., and CareerIndex.jp.