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Tokyo-based HR tech firm StellaS has introduced temporary recruitment management system called JobSuit Temporary to support talent procurement. 

StellaS came into being in October, after staffing firms JPosting and NM Systems Inc. merged. The new company operates a jobs search engine ReBss.jp, recruitment management systems JobSuiteTraax, and CareeSta, a temp agent service at Stellas-staff.jp and human resource support system Ordia.jp.

The cloud-based JobSuit Temporary connects companies with a temporary staffing agency and temporary staff. It also helps with attendance and payroll management.

Persol Career Co. Ltd. also provides third-party recruitment support and management services with RecLog and JobSuite. En-Japan Inc. introduced free recruitment support and management services for employers in October. IgniteEye has also integrated its video interview platform Harutaka with its recruitment management system Sonar, to facilitate a unified hiring process.

JobSuit Temporary may quickly attract attention from recruiters in Japan where there’s high demand for dispatched labor. This is reflected in the country’s myriad of temporary job sites like HatarActive.jp, Nojima.co.jp, Baitoru.comBaito.MyNavi.jpFroma.com, Hatalike.jp, WebAn.jp, Baitalk.jpJukunavi.comHanbai.inWorkgate.co.jpFoodsWho.co.jpSftWorks.jp and E-Aidem.com.