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Tokyo-based MyNavi Corp. has announced plans to launch an employment site for people with disabilities at MyNavi Challenged 2020 next year. 

The site currently contains information to help job-seekers resolve job hunting concerns. It will be expanded in March to include job listings. These will be aimed and students with disabilities who will graduate in 2020, but the site will include active listings as well.

The new jobs vertical has been designed to make the matching process personal and simple. Recruiters can also use the platform to communicate with candidates.

Founded in 1973, MyNavi Corp. also runs a part-time jobs site Baito.MyNavi.jp, a career-change site Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp and three industry-specific job sites: Pharma.MyNavi.jp for pharmacists, Kango.MyNavi.jp for nursing staff and MyNavi-Seizo.jp for the manufacturing industry. It runs a temporary dispatch service at Staff.MyNavi.jp, a real estate platform at Chintai.MyNavi.jp, and a wedding site at Wedding.MyNavi.jp. The company shut down its gig jobs platform Haken.MyNavi.jp in August last year.

Persol Career Inc. also operates a job site for people with disabilities at Doda.jp/Challenge. Other jobs information disseminators in Japan include Recruit HoldingsDIP Corp., and LiveSense Inc..