Vacation rentals business Rakuten Lifull Stay Inc. will provide financing facilities for developing new accommodation, in collaboration with Lifull Social Funding. The company is co-owned by Rakuten Inc. (51 percent) and Lifull Co. Ltd. (49 percent).

The collaborative effort will promote new developments by leveraging the companies’ knowledge of the hospitality industry and vacation rental services.

The new financing facility will be available for private housing units owned by individuals or realtors registered with Rakuten Stay — a housing management system.

The partnership follows a business alliance struck between Rakuten Lifull Stay and fintech company Samurai & J Partners Corporation in July; to finance or crowdfund the development of rental properties.

Founded in Mar. last year, the vacation rentals business operates two rental marketplaces VacationStay and MonthlyHomes.

The group has signed listing-sharing agreements with seven foreign vacation rental marketplaces: Austin-based HomeAway, South Korean Yanolja, Taiwanese, Beijing-based, Amsterdam-based, Singapore-based online accommodation reservations site Agoda and Vietnamese It’s also signed an agreement with local short-term accommodation developer and marketer WaQoo.

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