Japanese part-time jobs start-up Convini.ShotWorks.jp has released its latest KPIs showing that more than 200,000 applicants and more than 1,500 convenience stores have registered with the site. 

Tokyo-headquartered staffing firm Indival Inc. launched Convini.ShotWorks.jp for small retailers two years ago.

Founded in 2004, the group specializes in part-time jobs. It offers far more niche-focused recruitment media than other career management companies. These include DIP Corp.Recruit HoldingsPersol HoldingsMyNavi Corp., En-Japan Inc., Leverages Inc., and Zigexn Inc.

Indival Inc. also operates a short-term job site at ShotWorks.jp, a part-time job site at SftWorks.jp, a part-time jobs site for middle-age and senior citizens at HatarakuJob.com, a foreigner-focused part-time job vertical at NihondeBaito.com, and a recruitment management system Wiz-Hr.

Convini.ShotWorks.jp allows jobs-matching without interviews and is able to fill staff shortages right away. Job-seekers can start working just two hours after registering with the site.

The vertical currently operational in Kanto, Seiki, Aichi and Fukuoka prefectures. It plans to expand to other major cities in the near future.


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