Flea market app Mercari has introduced an ultramodern feature that lets users post listing using their smart-glasses, extended reality (X reality) and edge artificial intelligence.

Users simply need to put on their smart goggles and point their index finger at an item they want to sell. A pop-up window will then display similar products and their selling price. Users can also mark listings as favorites by using a “thumbs up” gesture.

The smart technology will further be used for buying from the marketplace in the future.

The feature was developed by Mercari’s research arm Mercari R4D in collaboration with Vuzix Inc., a leading supplier of smart-glasses and augmented reality technologies.

Mercari’s app was launched in 2013 and has been downloaded around 100 million times in Japan and the U.S. Its competitors in Japan include Jmty.jpYahoo Auctions, and Rakuma.

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