Several auto dealer groups have become silent partners of the premium used auto platform HeyCar, online car magazine Kfz-Betrieb reports.

HeyCar was launched as a Volkswagen subsidiary in 2017. Its sole purpose was to challenge the hegemony of German market leaders and AutoScout24 by focusing on higher-value cars.

It lists 300, 000 vehicles from 900 dealer groups. Some of them were recently invited to enter into a silent partnership with the site. “We approached selected groups and dealerships — not only Volkswagen brand dealerships,” CEO Markus Kröger (LinkedIn profile) told Kfz-Betrieb.

That said, Kfz-Betrieb only managed to confirm partnerships with several big VW dealerships. Though the publication claims to know the names of these businesses, it did not disclose them. The article quotes an anonymous source who claims that a few Mercedes dealerships are also in on the deal.

Daimlerthe manufacturer of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, bought a 20 percent stake in HeyCar operator Mobility Trader Holding GmbH in September. Kröger said the deal is still pending approval from local competition authorities. 


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