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2019 Autos
Annual Report | $1,495

What’s next in auto transactions online? What are the Top 50 automotive marketplace sites and apps? What are emerging markets doing to increase online sales?

In the all-new, 149 page, 2019 AIM Group Automotive Advertising Annual, you’ll find the answers to these questions, plus:

  • Top 50: ranking the largest automotive advertising sites around the world – with some surprises
  • Industry Trends: transactions – it’s not “if” or “why” anymore, but “how,” “where” and “what’s next”
  • Company Spotlights: highlighting the big players in the industry - like Auto Trader in the U.K and Guazi in China – and everyone in-between
  • Companies to Watch: see what four companies are doing that you’re not
  • Across the Globe: who are the leading companies from countries around the world
  • New Products and Services: see what’s trending and what’s not
  • And much more

Money-back guarantee on all reports.

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