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Adecco.co.jp, a Tokyo-based subsidiary of human resource company Adecco Group, announced key appointments and promotions at its headquarters in December.

Koichi Nakanishi (LinkedIn profile) was promoted to director of the company’s business division for East Japan. Masakazu Nohara (LinkedIn profile) was promoted to director of career development.

Toshiyuki Ejiri was appointed as head of business division for Modis Staffing while Yoichiro Inouchi was appointed as director of capital. Wataru Takimoto was appointed as the head of the company’s outsourcing and solution business department and Hoshiya Ryuichiro (LinkedIn profile) will lead the Modis professional business department.

Adecco operates a dispatched labor service Modis.jp, a temporary tech job site at TBrain.Adecco.co.jp, and a general temporary job site Haken.Adecco.co.jp. It also runs a regular job site SpringJapan.com, and a job site for fresh graduates at Campus.SpringJapan.com.

Zurich-headquartered Adecco Group operates in 60 countries and regions. The company’s main competitors in Japan are Interworks Inc. and Human Resocia Inc.