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Tokyo-based MyNavi Corp. has launched a new jobs-matching site to connect athletes with sports businesses at Athlete-Career.MyNavi.jp

The job site posts job offers for fresh graduates and mid-career candidates. It also lists temporary and side-job opportunities.

MyNavi’s new venture will conduct an initial screening of applicants to asses their vocational aptitudes and eliminate mismatches.

Japan has seen a boom in niche recruitment verticals this year. Some of the most notable are SportLight for the sports sector, Keiri-Navi.WorkPort.co.jp for accounting and finance offerings, Job.Cosp.jp which caters to cosplayers, T-Cheer.jp for teaching positions, Affiliencer for influencers, ShinTenChi.Work for the funeral industry, and LvnMatch.com/Shokai for the real estate sector.

Founded in 1973, MyNavi Corp. also runs a part-time jobs site Baito.MyNavi.jp, a career-change site Tenshoku.MyNavi.jp and three other industry-specific job sites: Pharma.MyNavi.jp for pharmacists, Kango.MyNavi.jp for nursing staff and MyNavi-Seizo.jp for the manufacturing industry. It runs a temporary dispatch service at Staff.MyNavi.jp, a real estate platform at Chintai.MyNavi.jp, and a wedding site at Wedding.MyNavi.jp.

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