Japanese tech-focused staffing firm En-Japan Inc. has decided to provide its innovative tool HROnBoard to its existing customers for free, from February. The tool predetermines staff turnover risks. 

HROnBoard is a web tool that visualizes its findings after sending monthly questionnaires to staff. It notifies management about employees with a high risk of quitting and provides retention suggestions.

The more than 100 companies already using the system have reported a significant drop in their turnover rates — from 13.6 to 5.3 percent.

Tokyo-headquartered En-Japan runs three sites dedicated to females. It has a centralized recruitment hub WomanMart.jp, a career management site designed for women interested in pursuing permanent opportunities (at Women.En-Japan.com) and a career-switch service for women (at Employment.En-Japan.com/woman). The company also operates a jobs site En-Ambi.com for young adults only, a career-change support service En-Tenshoku (at Employment.En-Japan.com), a job site focusing openings for executives (at Mid-Tenshoku.com), a temporary recruitment information site (at Haken.En-Japan.com), a career site for part-timers (at Hb.En-Japan.com) and an IT industry-specific site at CareerHack.En-Japan.com.

The group has been offering recruitment services since 2000. It also owns Vietnamese staffing firm Navigos Group, which operates jobs sites VietnamWorks.com and Primus.vn. Vietnam is the company’s priority foreign country.

World-leading matching platform Recruit Holdings introduced the similar tool called Geppo last year. It lets employers measure the satisfaction level of staff members.

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