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South Korean used-car marketplace EnCar.com has introduced an ad analysis service to help dealers formulate sales strategies based on big data from 1 million annual transactions.

The service is available to dealers who deal with more than a dozen monthly transactions. It will help them devise strategies for targeted sales with indicators like quotes and views. The AI system analyzes sales data like the number of hits an ad gets, vehicle prices and the market situation.

The automotive marketplace has also started testing a beta version of a new service that recommends vehicles in line with a user’s parking ability, gender, favorite hero and desirable driving style.

The suggestion tool asks basic questions from first-time buyers. Their answers are then categorized and algorithms are used for matching, according to their preferences.

SK EnCar started its used-car business in 2000. It offers both online and offline services. CarSales (ASX: CAR) took full ownership of EnCar.com in a deal worth $244 million AUD ($184 million U.S.) in 2017.

EnCar.com’s main competitors in Korea are mobile-first horizontal HelloMarket’s auto vertical and HiCarz.