Japanese part-time staffing major Tsunagu Solutions Inc. has agreed to secure food and beverage staff for the country’s leading home delivery portal Demae-Can.com (出前館).

Tsunagu reached an agreement with the site’s operator YumeNoMachi late last month. The company handles deliveries for 17,000 stores nationwide.

The two businesses will set up a central system to manage applications and recruitment.

Established in 2007, Tokyo-based Tsunagu owns staffing firm Indival Inc. The company operates part-time job sites Convini.ShotWorks.jp and SftWorks.jp, a short-term job site at ShotWorks.jp, a part-time jobs site for middle-age and senior citizens at HatarakuJob.com, a foreigner-focused part-time job vertical at NihondeBaito.com, and a recruitment management system Wiz-Hr.

Indival offers far more niche-focused recruitment media than other career management companies, including DIP Corp.Recruit HoldingsPersol HoldingsMyNavi Corp.En-Japan Inc.Leverages Inc., and Zigexn Inc.

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