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RightMove.co.uk, the top real estate portal in Britain, has implemented Tessian’s machine learning email security system. It uses machine learning to identify email patterns and prevent inadvertent or deliberate sending of sensitive information.Image result for rightmove logo

The company has deployed Guardian and Enforcer, two of Tessian’s machine intelligence filters, across its operations, FinTech Finance reported.   

Tessian applies machine intelligence to historical email data to learn the relationships between RightMove employees and their internal and external contacts. Its Relationship Graph defines normal communication patterns to detect unusual activity.

The Guardian filter is designed to prevent emails from accidentally being sent to the wrong user. The Enforcer stops sensitive emails being deliberately sent to unauthorized accounts.

“We needed a solution that would manage our outgoing emails without significant disruption to our employees and customers,” head of customer experience and product development David Cray (LinkedIn profile) told Estate Agent Today.

He added that Tessian, “causes minimum disruption to staff whilst reinforcing our internal data security policies and training”.