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Kazakhstani customers can now shop on Mail.ru Group’s social network Odnoklassniki (OK), thanks to a partnership with the national postal operator KazPost.

OK launched its e-commerce platform in Russia, at Ok.ru, in the spring of this year. Kazakhstan is the first country outside of Russia to be granted access to the marketplace.

Kazakhs will be able to shop for around 30 million products, including fashion, electronics goods, home appliances, cosmetics, and car spare parts. They can choose a product, place an order and settle it without leaving the social network. Payments are made in tenge, the national currency.

Buyers can also view and evaluate products using video and photo reviews, share information on products, or recommend them to friends on the social network. KazPost will deliver the goods for free within 13 days, EWDN.com reported.

According to Forbes Kazakhstan, e-commerce penetration is estimated to be less than 3 percent in the country. The local e-commerce market, which was estimated to be worth KZT 180 billion (approximately $0.5 billion) in 2016,  could reach up to KZT 400 billion in 2020 (a little more than $1 billion at the current exchange rate).

The number of parcels and small packages delivered by KazPost could grow from 15 million to some 60 million in 2020, Forbes Kazakhstan said in its report.

AliExpress, Amazon, and EBay are among the strongest marketplaces on the Kazakhstani e-commerce market.