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Tokyo-headquartered prop-tech company ESeikatsu Inc. (TSE: 3796) has launched an app called PocketPost to minimize offline interaction between tenants, owners, and realtors. 

The app promotes a paperless environment by allowing tenants, owners, and realtors to distribute contracts in a PDF format on the app. It also allows them to communicate in real time and provides a cashless settlement service.

Real estate marketplaces in Japan are using modern technology to help avoid offline paperwork.

Web tenancy app Conomy also digitizes cumbersome paperwork like contracts for landlords, tenants and brokerage companies. Ga Technologies, a tech-intensive real estate business, is stepping into the next generation of rental service technology: “Rent 3.0”.

Majors like Lifull Home’s and AtHome also remain ahead of the curve in reducing human interaction by digitizing many of their processes.