Japanese jobs information company DIP Corp. has launched a new gig app called Gakuhan to help entrepreneurs outsource clerical and supplementary jobs to students.

Business owners can request work by filling in information like the scope of work and remuneration. These jobs are then posted as listings on DIP’s side-jobs app Gaksei Hunter. Once a job has been accepted, the company holds the payment in escrow until it’s completed. DIP also runs an on-demand salary service Banq.

Listings are free, but the site takes a 10 percent administration fee.

Founded in 1997, Tokyo-based DIP Corp. also operates the temporary and part-time jobs site Baitoru, the regular recruitment vertical BaitoruNext, a comprehensive jobs site Hatarako, and a jobs site for nurses at Iryo-De-Hatarako.net.

DIP’s main competitors include Recruit HoldingsEn-Japan Inc.MyNavi Corp., and Leverages Inc..

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