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IT/web-focused HR firm LevTech Inc. has opened two new branches in Yokohama and Nagoya, expanding its offline customer support beyond its offices in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

The new branches will open in February.

Established in 2017, LevTech is owned by Tokyo-headquartered Leverages Inc.. The company operates multiple recruitment sites, including a freelance jobs site for IT/web engineers at Freelance.LevTech.jp, a career-change support service for engineers at Career.LevTech.jp, and a job-matching site for web designers at Creator.LevTech.jp. There’s a job-hunting site for students studying IT at Career.LevTech.jp/Rookie, an employment support service for inexperienced candidates at Career.LevTech.jp/Beginner, and a job-matching site for c-suite engineers at Career.LevTech.jp/Expert. Together, they have more than 78,000 registered members.

Leverages also operates a temporary jobs site HatarActive.jp, an apparel industry-focused job site Fassione.com, a career-change site for nurses Kango-Oshigoto.jp and a job site for graduates at CareerTicket.jp. The company has more than 20 offices in Japan and abroad, including offices in Singapore and Mexico.

Other staffing firms with such a rich portfolio of jobs sites are En-Japan Inc.MyNavi Corp. and Persol Holdings Limited.