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Alma Career‘s parent company Alma Media has announced that managing director Marja Pylkkänen will step down and leave the business from April.

Pylkkänen (LinkedIn profile) has acted as the managing director of Alma Career and its predecessor Monster Oy from 2010. She’s held several positions within the company and helped develop Monster.fi and Jobline.fi.  Pylkkänen has worked for Alma Media for 18 years.

Alma Career Oy is a joint venture between Alma Media and Monster Worldwide Inc., with Alma owning 83.3 percent of the company. It manages recruitment services operating under the Monster brand in the Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, and Hungary. It also owns other job sites in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Alma Media focuses on digital services and publishing. The company is headquartered in Finland but also operates in other Nordic countries, the Baltics, and Central Europe. It’s listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.